The office is now digital

On MY PAGE you can register digitally using MitID (login solutions for Danish internet banks and government websites). On MY PAGE you get an overview of the administrative papers and forms relating to tax compensation amounts for seafarers. For example, this is where you create the request for compensation for 2023.

FYI: Income years 2020, 2021 and 2022 are listed when you open the application for 2023.



About Udligningskontoret

Hire earned on board on ships registered in the Danish International Ship Register (DIS) is exempted from taxation according to Danish legislation.

Therefore this office has been established by the Danish shipping companies to administer, calculate and control Danish DIS seafarer´s tax compensations.


Data security

We ensure your personal information is protected. The office encrypts all sent emails containing sensitive personal data. Some may not be able to read their emails in their inbox. Gmail users, for example, will have that issue.