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Mar 9, 2023

Final Settlement, article 7

Final Settlement for 2022

First round of Final Settlements is ready on 1st of August.

Final Settlement for 2021

The first round of Final Settlements was sent out week 30 (2022) and transferred to NemKonto the very same week. It is always transferred to the person’s CPR-number (civil registration number).

The next round of Final Settlements is ready on 1st of November.

New Final Settlement?

A new Final Settlement will only be created if you have received a new tax assessment notice from SKAT (The Danish Customs and Tax Administration), which directly affects our compensation calculation, or if you have requested the resolution of old income years. This can be due to foreign income, self-declared forgotten deductions on the assessment notice, or if a complaint to SKAT has been resolved.

Control of SKATs tax assessment notice

We use it; therefore it’s important that the seafarer checks SKATs tax assessment notice as early as possible. If you may have any further questions, you are welcome to contact us.


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